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Old Town Rodeo

This project ended up being more challenging than I thought it would be. The goal of this project was to make a poster of your chosen event and to make products that would go along with your chosen event. I decided to choose a Rodeo, and thus Old Town Rodeo was created. This event is a family friendly rodeo meant for all ages and people, just a fun place where people can relax and enjoy a good old fashioned rodeo. I had several variations of the type I had created, but nothing seemed to fit with what I was looking for so I decided to physically make my font out of jute and glue it to paper. This was my first steps and then my poster was on a roll. It was certainly difficult to figure out what I wanted to be the focus of my poster because my font was so decorative, and I think I achieved a nice harmony with what I did! After figuring out my poster and type I was able to make my products for the Old Town Rodeo, which includes a hoodie, a baseball cap, and a drink koozie, all included with Old Town Rodeo’s signature design!

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